Occasional search slowness

TCP receive window: 2170880 current, 2170880 maximum
0.01 % of packets lost during test
Round trip time: 9 msec (minimum), 280 msec (maximum), 57 msec (average)
Jitter: -
0.00 seconds spend waiting following a timeout
TCP time-out counter: 229
860 selective acknowledgement packets received

No duplex mismatch condition was detected.
The test did not detect a cable fault.
No network congestion was detected.

0.9747 % of the time was not spent in a receiver limited or sender limited state.
0.0000 % of the time the connection is limited by the client machine’s receive buffer.
Optimal receive buffer: - bytes
Bottleneck link: -
639 duplicate ACKs set


The latest update to fix the artist page is much better thanks. But there are still many other times when going between pages that just sit for 45 seconds at times. The Roon team knows these as well u less they don’t use the product. We can all continue to tell you what you already know?

Hi @jrd1975 & @Paula_Dickerson,

Thanks for the feedback here.

We have seen quite a few reports that the performance changes in our most recent release has helped a lot of users but this appears to not be the case for you here.

I will to be discussing with the technical team on the best approach to troubleshoot this issue at our next meeting and will be sure to let you know what they say.

– Noris

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