Occasional skips in playback - determining why

I am getting the occasional brief skip in tracks, does not appear to matter what kind or from where. It only happens on one device so all fingers point to the renderer. Is there any sort of log that would be outputted to determine if this is the case?

Rock is running on this device on top of a linux install because the motherboard does not do legacy boot.

It would help to describe your setup, especially the network.

Good money is on WiFi not Ethernet Roon is rather demanding on networking

Hi sorry, it wasntt really a call for support just wondered if I could narrow down the issue

All hardwired, server is a 32 core, 64gig zeon beast, and all other end points of which there are numerous including wifi ones work flawlessly. I know its going to be the end point but I need to determine why. Its not a power house but it is quad core intel, with 8 gigs which should be enough to deliver stock sound (no dsp) to a dac.

The reason for my question is the DAC is relatively new to me, so if I can determine no issues in the endpoint, then perhaps the dac has a problem.

What software are you running on the endpoint? Roon or RoonBridge?

Jesus this bloody forum software,

Its roon rock

Well, a skip could mean a network issue.

Or, You could try changing the endpoint, to a different device; or by plugging the DAC into a different PC. You could try changing connection, if you are using USB, try Coax or Toslink.

I have a active speaker that simply can’t handle anything > 16/44.1 or it eventually skips. It’s an issue with the way they implemented the network stack. Just not fast enough to pick-up the packets at higher bit rates. Crazy but that’s how it was built.

You said you narrowed it down to 1 device? What is that device? The Roon logs, in my opinion, don’t help much with the issue you are hearing. They will probably just tell you the same thing you’re hearing in that the audio zone isn’t keeping up. However, all the logs can be accessed following these directions if you want to take a look:

Can you explain your set-up a little more? You said you’re running ROCK on top of Linux? Is this a docker version or VM? That may part of the issue as well but need more details.

Maybe you want to try the troubleshooting guide?

Yeah I think I am being a moron, I must have installed just the basic player as its built on linux, but no docker or anything. I wonder if linux has a run away process or something, but that requires me getting it off the rack and hooking up to a screen. I will consider my options because thats too much effort :slight_smile:
Its not the network.

Sounds like you have Roon Server installed on Linux and are using it just as an endpoint. Absolutely right that is weird as nothing there would be inherently underpowered to cause skips. What do you have your core installed on?

More, lots more, details needed here. What kind of machine, how much ram, what else do you use that linux machine for, what distribution, etc. Open the floodgates of information and let the community take it all in. I would start with looking at the logs though just to identify if something is obvious. Also, log into the machine and run ‘dmesg’ that will dump the system log. Sometimes there is something obvious there (failing disk, network interface drop, etc.). Otherwise, you can run top or htop or any of the other process things to see if you do have high utilization and what might be causing it. However, no background in looking at unix processes and their core utilization can be daunting at first so some reading may be required on what those tools are telling you.

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Yeah I will pull it out on the weekend, but I am willing to bet a restart will sort it lol.

Have you tried shaking a screwdriver at it? That works for me more times than I have explanations for :stuck_out_tongue:

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No problems here.

I love these replies, so beneficial!

I did threaten it with a wifi card, but it had no effect. As I write my prose here, I am more and more confident its just pcs being pcs. I wish rock would run on uifi systems but it keeps gettign threatened and never happens lol.

Might buckle and get a node.

Or a pi; if you can find one.

I have loads of Pis, some running ropieee.