OCD workflow question (I’m a newbie)

So I am still trying to figure things out with Roon a bit.

I’ve been a Plex/Audirvana user for years and also have a massive local file collection built up from digital purchases and CD rips.

For years I meticulously tagged all of my audio files in iTunes and used iTunes Match to access everywhere. Then came a system of doing the tagging via PerfectTunes and adding to a Plex library to play remotely and used Audirvana locally.

Now I have come to Roon and am loving it.

The question I have is this….

I understand that Roon with not mess with the files or change the metadata, so if I wanted to keep a folder of tagged music and a folder of untagged music, is Roon solid enough to correctly identify everything where tags may be a little wonky in the untagged folder?

And as I go about correcting the tags and move them to the tagged folder, will Roon refresh the data to reflect or am I stuck with the info as it originally came in?

Hopefully this makes sense. I would like to access the majority of my music with Roon. But I want to avoid a bunch of misclassified music or songs with no artist/album/genre.

The Roon Help Centre is a good source to answer questions like these.

Probably, but it can’t be guaranteed in every case.

Awesome. Thanks!

Loaded a bunch in and so far, so good. Loving Roon!

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