ODAC dropouts never ending

My JDS Labs O2 DAC drops out a few times a song lately. Roon is installed on a HP Pavilion g7 laptop running Windows 10, 4GB Ram with 12,624 tracks stored on a 1 TB WD external hard drive to the JDS O2 via WASAPI and RAAT. The signal path is “High Quality” I have reconfigured the audio as per your multiple suggestions to no avail. The dropouts occur at different times in my reference song but they are always there. I spent my Saturday trying to correct this. Everything works fine when I use a Pi with a IQaudIO DAC+ Hat. I prefer the ODAC less “bright” and more options in my configuration. Any help would be appreciated.

After shutting everything down overnight the problem corrected itself. Although the lack of any response is troubling. I am a paying customer.

Hey @Peter_Brown1 – I’m sure this just got missed, sorry for the slow response. In the future, make sure to tag @support and someone will follow up.

Glad to hear things have stabilized here, but if you have any more problems, let us know. Lots of information about the causes of dropouts here, as well.