Odd artist and primary artist link

I’ve got some weird artist (link) for an album, which wasn’t there before. It used to be that Aks140 never showed up and one was able to click on the AKS artist.

The album is ‘Out Of Control’ by ‘AKS’ (also called Addicted Kru Sound).

The linked artist ‘aks140’ is also an incorrect one.

@support Don’t forget about me pls. I thought you guys were monitoring these threads?

Just to re-iterate the problem:

  • At some point in time, this album had the correct artist ‘AKS’ and there was no ‘linked artist’ in the metadata. I was able to click on the artist and it took me to the right band.
  • Now the artist ‘AKS’ cannot be clicked on, and there is a new linked artist ‘Aks140’. I am able to click on that, but it takes me to the wrong band, because well… the artist is not ‘Aks140’.

I tried re-identifying the band, but that doesn’t seem to work. I can remove the linked artist, but that still makes the correct artist ‘AKS’ unclickable. Please advise.

Paging @support from planet earth. Are you folks in a ‘galaxy far far away’? @beka can you help find a person to handle this ticket?

Hey @Nepherte,

My apologies, somehow I missed this. As always, we appreciate the heads up here. I’ve taken a look and it looks like an edit in Musicbrainz created an ALS140 alias for AKS, which doesn’t look to be accurate. We’ll add this correction to our ongoing metadata improvements.

Additionally, please understand that our metadata efforts are focused on system wide fixes. We don’t have the ability to jump into the metadata and make prescriptive changes. Because of this, making a manual edit to the album credits in your Roon library is often the quickest, most effective, way to address these small metadata annoyances.

You can edit the credits on this track, here’s how you do it:

  1. Select the track by long-clicking or right clicking.
  2. Click the ellipsis button at the far right hand side of the track.
  3. Click edit
  4. Click edit track
  5. Click edit credits
  6. Deselect the incorrect AKS140 Primary Artist credit
  7. Enter an AKS credit in Primary Artist.
  8. Click Save

That should get you fixed up.

Hi @jamie,

I pretty much got there on my own. Your suggestion only partially fixed it. Removing the credits is one thing, but it still made the artist AKS unclickable (as I described). But today I noticed I can / should add AKS - the correct artist - as a primary link for the album, in addition to what you described. Thanks for the assist.

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