Odd behavior with identifying an album

I ripped Agram by Lena Willemark and Ale Moeller, and dBPoweramp recognized it under those two artist names and created the directory accordingly.
Roon brought in the album but listed it only under Lena Willemark. Ok, metadata libraries differ.
But when I played it, Roon showed it under both artist’s names.
So when I brought up the playing queue, it showed the album under both names at the top, but when I clicked on the album it brought it up under the single name.

My guess is: Ale Moeller is a track-level primary artist on the track(s) that you played, and that’s why they showed up in the playback UI, which is displaying a mixture of track, album, and work-level data.

Ah, that makes sense.
Guess this comes from my Sooloos experience – I think album level, not used to track level metadata.