Odd behavior with shuffle


I currently have 323 albums in my collection and I like to use shuffle. It works great except one odd thing I notice. 8 times out of 10 the first song it picks is one of 2 songs from System of A Down’s Toxicity album, Prison Song or Jet Pilot. I’ve heard them so many times now that my ritual is to immediately skip past the first song after hitting random.

Steps I am doing:

  • Click Main Menu
  • Click Artists or Albums
  • Click the big blue Shuffle button
  • Watch as the Toxicity album is chosen, with either Prison Song or Jet Pilot
  • Smile thinking the Roon engineers are fans of the band, but then quickly hit skip since I’ve heard those songs soooo many times

Any thoughts?


Thanks for the feedback here, @Trunkmonkey!

While Toxicity is a great album (in my opinion anyway :slight_smile: ) I can definitely see how that would not be ideal! I’ve passed this feedback along to the team so they can investigate further.

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I shuffle my entire library most times. However, I don’t like to hear repeats. If there’s a song or album I want to hear, I’ll play that one specifically. So, I use the focus feature to select “Played in the last…” “All Time”. Then click on “Played” to reverse the function and display only tracks that have never been played. I then saved the selection as a bookmark. Then when I pull up the bookmark and hit shuffle, it plays all the tracks in my library that have never been played. At some point in time I will have played all the tracks and the selection will be empty. I then go to “History”, select all the tracks, select edit and reset the playcount to 0 and I can start over from the beginning. The beauty of this system is when you add new music, it’s automatically added to the bookmark. Not to complicate things, but I also added further focus elements to restrict certain genres I don’t want to listen to every day like Christmas music. With a library of 323 albums listening for 3hrs per day for 5 days a week, it should only take about 16 weeks to go through your whole library, then you can start over again.

Wow, David, that is a really cool way to listen to my library! I’ll definitely give it a try, thank you. One question, if you quickly skip a song, does that get flagged as “Played”?

I’d still love to know why it keeps picking the same 2 songs, though. Not sure if it is a bug or how I’m starting/stopping my shuffles (I’ve described above how I start them, but for stopping I just pause whenever I’m done. I don’t resume when I come back, I go through the steps above).

Thanks again, David!

I think there is a minimum threshold % of song to be counted as played. I just added 4 tracks to the queue, let each play 3 secs and then skipped. Play count still at 0 for all of them.

The percentage has been stated on the forum. I can’t find it, but if I do I’ll post it here for you.

I figured I should come back and report that since upgrading to 1.8, my library shuffles seem to be starting randomly and not favoring SOAD. :slight_smile:

Since upgrading to 1.8, my library shuffles started favoring certain artists, albums and tracks. Roon shuffle used to do this in earlier versions from a few years ago, but it was fixed at some point. With 1.8, the problem is back.

That’s because the initial release of 1.8 restricted the shuffle to the first 5000 tracks all from the first occurring part of your library. If you have a large library that may be only artists starting with the A’s and B’s. The newest release of 1.8 has fixed this limitation so if should be more random.

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