Odd core behaviour

I just had some very odd core behaviour. Ive been away for the weekend as was just sitting down to listen to some music. I choose my music and set it play. I then noticed that the now playing was not updating on the app. It was still displaying what I had played on Friday night, even though music was playing was what I chose. I also noticed that the play button was greyed out on the remote and was indicating nothing was playing. I checked device settings and all the boxes where greyed out. I checked another zone and same there, some would not open at all. Switched back to playing zone, track indicator had moved in time but was not playing. Then mini track playing you get when selecting Zones in the app showed it was playing something as the VU meter things where jogging up and down but still showed the music I played on Friday

I restarted Roon server on the ROCK (MOCK) all returned to normal. Never had this happen before very odd. Anyone else ever experienced this? I am running Deep Harmony Extension that does control devices volume and play options wonder if this caused it @Adam_Goodfellow could this behavior be down to the extension malfunctioning?

I don’t see how an extension could directly cause this, but only the Room folks can definitively answer this.

I think I have once had to restart Roon because it got into an odd unrecoverable state, but unfortunately I cannot remember the details nor even when (relative to starting to do extension development with it).

Am watching the thread in case :slight_smile:

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Thanks Adam just wanted to check.

Hey @CrystalGipsy — Thanks for the report!

I’m glad to hear that things returned to normal for you after a reboot! It sounds like your Core machine may have been stuck in a weird state that rebooting took care of. Most likely this is not something to worry about and I wouldn’t expect this to become a recurring problem.

That said, if you do notice this occurs again, I’m hoping you could provide some additional information so the team can take a closer look.

  • Note the time that you tried to play music and ran into this issue so we can enable diagnostics and take a closer look.
  • Provide some information about what events lead up to this behavior occurring. What was the last thing you were doing in Roon? How long was it left idle? Does this occur every time these steps are taken?


Will do @dylan