Odd difference in album count + another complaint about the scrolling feature

Not an issue of concern but puzzling.

This desktop PC and the iPad agree on the count of albums in the library but the Microsoft Surface 2 Notebook registers over 100 less. Makes no sense to me.

And I must again register a complaint about the horrible thin side slide for scrolling. It is barely manageable to use with a mouse on this PC and the notebook but a horror on the iPad, making that item far less user friendly to control Roon remotely. This negative feature spoils user friendliness on an otherwise outstandingly good product that I’ve appreciated improvements with over the last 5 years. But PLEASE fix that scroll and bring back the old system.

The backup is now pretty smart and fast - a contrast to the days (literally) backups took in the old Sooloos system. Well done.

Check to make sure show hidden is set to yes. I think that is a per client setting.

Thanks. Now where is that hidden? Logically it should be under “display” but not there!

Settings general

Found it thanks, and yes, album count now consistent :slight_smile:

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