Odd Filter Results

Note the following Composition window (partial), supposedly sorted by the Instrumentation variable and filtered by Instrumentation contains “solo” (no other filters on- or off-screen)

I must be missing something. There is no discernible sort order, and the filtered composition list includes distinctly “non-solo” pieces. (Solos appear elsewhere on the list.)

I would like to understand this phenomenon. Anyone?

Check your Composition" column for the non-“solo” Instrumentation hits. I do the same search and it selects any “solo” string in that column as well.

David, thanks for the suggestion. And yes, there were a couple of pieces with “solo” in their name but there were dozens more with no apparent link to the word. Besides, shouldn’t an Instrumentation filter work solely on the Instrumentation column?

Maybe its too clever by half, and figures that a “mixed duet” is pretty darn close to a solo. :slight_smile:

I’m sure it’s a bug BUT if you go into a track (that is neither “solo” in those two columns) and browse around in the credits you will likely find a “solo” string in there somewhere.

It’s like the search looks EVERYWHERE in the track, not strictly “Instrumentation”.

I’d call it a bug.

p.s. the magnifying glass search for “solo” on Compositions screen returns everything as well including artists with “solo” in their name,genre, etc. This may complicate your life further