Odd iOS remote behaviour when it gets out of sync

Hi @CrystalGipsy !

I’ve tried to reproduce this issue on my end with the following setup:
Core - Windows 10
Remote - iPhone 11

Everything works fine on my end.

Could you please specify the affected remote on your end?

Also, I would appreciate it if you can share the email associated with your roon account so that I can dig deeper for additional diagnostics.


My opening post states this happens on my iPhone remote and it’s all the time, if it’s in the background and resumed its out of sync with what’s playing and takes a short while to catchup. The fast ffwd catch-up hasn’t happened since but as you see in this thread others have had same issue. It’s not isolated to me.

Windows 11 remote on my surface laptop 3 also had it severely when it was showing lyrics to what was playing on my zone. You should have my email account on record that’s tied to my account.

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Point of reference, using my Windows 11 Surface Laptop 3 now as endpoint and viewing lyrics takes 5 seconds in to next track to change now playing . Also I am noticing also a delay in audio starting roughly about the same lenght of time which never used to happen skipping tracks is not instant either but this seems quite random and not consistent noticed this a little on my Fiio M11 Plus to, before last update playback was instant.