Odd playlist problem (library sync) / Bug Report

I have managed to find an odd little problem with playlists. Songs in playlists have more options (such as favorite them) if they are also in the Roon library.
If I now add a title to a playlist, and only afterwards add the album to the library, the title in the playlist still references the non-library version, as there is no option to favourite it.
Oddly enough, going into the album by rightclicking on the playlist track, I get taken to the library version of the album, but upon re-adding the track to the playlist, the added track is not part of the library.
Only thing that works is to manually navigate to the album, add the track and remove the ‘old’ one.
Or just add the album first and then move on to creating playlists, I guess.

Just found this curious behaviour by accident, so I thought reporting it as a Bug might be a good idea.

Have a nice day!

All of those behaviours are pretty consistent with how roon works.

Thanks for reaching out, @Leon_Reich!

Currently that behavior is as-designed, which we discuss a bit in this article. If you have any questions please let me know!

And I knew something was on. Felt too consistent to be a bug. Thank you for pointing that out. Guess this thread can then be closed.

It may behave like designed, but is it designed like it should behave?

The complete library / favorites design of Roon is leading to dead ends in workflows to keep Tidal/Qobus and Roon in sync. There is just no single workflow that works end to end without doing it manually.

There is no bulk function to add a complete playlist to the Roon library.
There is no bulk function to favorite all items of a playlists if they are not in the Roon library.

One of these function would complete a couple of different workflows to keep Tidal/Qobus and Roon in sync.

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