Odd problem with pdf display via Roon

Windows 10, Office 2019, Publisher used to compose a file to be attached to an album, saved in pdf format.

But when operned up in ROON it displays as:

I though that the order of the pictures might have been inaccurate so I ensured the pictures were to the front in Publisher but it seems that did not carry through to pdf as seen by ROON yet it displays OK when the pdf file is opened.

Is there some corruption by ROON??

I never noticed anything, but I also didn’t generate the PDFs myself.

As a test, use Explorer to navigate to the folder that contains the PDF in your music library (the one that’s been used by your Core) and double click the PDF there. Does it display correct? Also what program is used to display the PDF when opened from Roon? Is it the same that’s got used when you double-clicked the PDF in Explorer?

If I open the pdf file either from “Documents” where was first saved, OR from the file attached to the ROON music file (using explorer in both cases) it opens up correctly.
It is only if it is opened up from ROON that it appears in corrupted form.
Sorry, I have no idea what program is being used to open the pdf file - give me a clue how to track that down as it might be the answer as you imply.

In the menu there is often an entry “Help” or “?” that contains a sub-entry “About” where one can look up the program name (e.g. Adobe Reader). Maybe Windows 10 has got its own PDF (pre)viewer app?

Stabbing in the dark: It might be that the pictures and fonts aren’t embedded in the PDF.

A further test might be to use a pdf-file that you haven’t generated yourself, like a manual or data-sheet, and attach it to an album in Roon to see if this pdf-file displays correctly.

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Could you upload the PDF to Dropbox / Google Drive and post a link here?

This is also a good test, are other PDFs displaying images as expected?

Hi Noris

I’ve uploaded the pdf file to dropbox but need an email or name to list. Please send it to me at …
[moderated: email address removed, if you need to share it do so via PM]

This is the only file I’ve detected a problem with so far but will investigate further,

And PDF files downloaded with music files open without problems. So maybe there is a bug in Office 2019 converting publisher files to PDF. But against that, these pdf files open up OK but not via Roon so there is a quirk there somewhere,



Can you please share the dropbox via a shared link?

Sharing via Link doesn’t require any specific email address to send to.

Hopefully you now have access to it but will that help if you are unable to process it?

Very odd. I’ve just tried exporting a Office 365 Publisher file to a PDF, and this opens up as expected when triggered from Roon - pictures and all.

A couple of questions:

  • you said you used “Office 2019” - is this the standalone licensed version of Office, or is this Office 365 with the annual subscription?
  • When you “open the file up in Roon”, Roon uses the default PDF viewer application to display the file, it doesn’t actually display the file within Roon itself. In Windows 10, the default PDF viewer is the Edge browser. Is this what is displaying the PDF, or is some other application being used?
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I don’t see the link posted here, if you want you can try to re-upload to send.firefox.com, that should be a bit easier.

Thanks for looking into this @Geoff_Coupe! I agree that these are great questions as well.

Can you acce s the file via this?
Damnation20of20Faust20Reviews.pdf - 303.4 kB

Geoff it is the standalone 2019 Office.
I’m afraid I cannot answer your second question bujt my highly PC literate son is visiting tomorrow so I;ll see if he can find that aznswer, It does seem obvious that opening the pdf fiule from ROON is accessing a different pdf viewer than on this PC with Windows 10 but I’m unaware of what is goling on at the moment.

John, there’s no problem with your file - it opens up in my default PDF viewer (the Edge browser) without issue.

The point is that Roon does not have the capability of opening PDF files itself, it merely tells the operating system (Windows 10 in your case) to use the default PDF viewer and passes it the location of the PDF file.

This all seems to point to an issue with whatever PDF viewer you have set as the default in your installation of Windows 10. Ask your son to check what that is - he can look it up in Windows 10 Settings and look for the PDF file type.


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Thanks Geoff. My PC literate son will be here tonight so I’ll report back on what we end up finding. As commented before, it is not a ROON problem but seems to be one associasted with it. Why I can open up the file successfully as you can normally, but not with Roon rermains the mystery to solve.

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Thanks John - I should have been clearer in my message that I had put your file into my Roon library, and it opened up without issue from there. I clicked on Roon’s “Open file” link, and it opened up in my Edge browser.

Not sure the problem is completely solved - but there were two pdf files, the good one and the corrupted one with the latter one in with the music files and not evident until the folder was expanded. The “solution” was to copy the correct file across.

But it does not explain how the corrupted pdf file was generated in the first place, It seems I have to be more careful about exactly where I copy the generated pdf to in Explorer - it should go into the folder with the music files and not at a higher level, Does that make sense to anyone?


It sounds like the app creating the PDF the first time around (Office 2019) didn’t create it properly. You may want to try using another program to create your PDFs if this issue re-occurs or reinstall Office.

John, yes, PDF and artwork files should be placed in the folder that corresponds to the Album - i.e. the folder where the Album’s music files are held.

Yes it looks like an unusual aberration. I created two more pdf files from Publisher 2019 this afternoon anf they displayed perfectly from Roon.

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Glad to hear the other PDFs are working as expected! I’m going to go ahead and close out this thread but if you have further issues just let us know, thanks!