Odd Qobuz / Roon search and favorite behavior

Some odd activity here. . there is a new Eric Dolphy album set in Qobuz (Musical Prophet: The Expanded 1963 New York Studio Sessions). I can go to Qobuz, search, find it and add it to my favorites and play it. When I go to Roon it isn’t there. . I restart both Qobuz and Roon and . . nothing. I tried searching in Roon and it can’t find the album (searched by name as well as title). I also manually refreshed in Roon, . .nothing.

Note that I am a full Qobuz subscriber not on a trial or beta.

Any ideas?

Another example of search issue.
I searched in Roon for the artist Leyla McCalla, resulting in only 2 albums on Qobuz:
A day for the hunter, a day for the prey
The capitalist blues

Exactly the same search in the Qobuz app resulted in a 3rd album ( even in 1st place):
Vari-colored Songs

Only when searching in Roon for the artist name + album name resulted in finding the album.

So, how can we be sure we see all available Qobuz albums in Roon?

Hi @anon90297517, this is what I’m seeing on Leyla McCalla’s artist page (which I clicked through to after searching for her):

Vari-colored Songs is coming through under “Singles and EPs”, because Qobuz doesn’t currently provide us with album “type” metadata, and we’ve not been able to match up the Qobuz album metadata to that from any other metadata providers (who do provide that information).

I’m looking into why we’ve not matched it up.