Odd scrolling behavior on kb.roonlabs.com [iPad]

I have lately been browsing the Roon Knowledge Base, and the scrolling behavior is a bit odd.

When using Safari on my 9.7" iPad Pro (iOS 10.3.1), “momentum” scrolling is broken on all kb.roonlabs.com sites. In other words, when my finger leaves the screen, the scrolling immediately stops. Momentum scrolling works properly on community.roonlabs.com and also the man roonlabs.com site. It’s odd that the UX would be different on KB in particular, since I would think Safari would handle all websites the same. I can’t think of another website I’ve visited on my iPad where momentum scrolling was nonfunctional.

This is not a global problem with Safari since momentum scrolling works properly on kb.roonlabs.com using Safari 10.1 on my MacBook Pro (OSX 10.11.6).

Just tried it and I’m also seeing this.
Very unnatural … @support please have a look