Odd shuffle and repeat behavior

There are a number of threads talking about strange behavior with the shuffle function, but I couldn’t find one that spoke specifically to the behavior that I’m observing.

I’ll often add a number of albums to the queue and then turn on shuffle and repeat. From what I’ve observed to date when a track has played it’s shuffled into a random spot in the queue rather than just being returned to the end of the queue. In other words once played a track might end up in position 75/99 or it might end up in position 3/99. As a side note I’m also suspecting that Roon has a preference for certain artists as some tracks are definitely getting more playback than others!

Over a long session (I use this method for background in the store) I’m finding that some tracks are repeated multiple times per day while others never get a chance to play. The queue I currently have running is 131 tracks or 9 hours.

Wouldn’t it make more sense for the shuffle function to determine the playback order when the queue is shuffled (or when new tracks are added) and then have repeat just cycle that list?

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This is a bug :bug:

Ticket is in – thanks for the report Andrew!