Odd warning about software update

Just got this strange warning:

Looked for a software update but there’s none…

What gives?

This update message has been seen by other users. In many cases, restarting your Roon Core usually fixes it.


Hello @miguelito, a reboot should resolve the metadata improver update, but our team is tracking why some customers have been receiving this error. Could you please give a reboot to let me know if the error returns? Also:

  1. Is this your only core?
  2. Do you have VOIP installed anywhere?
  3. Can you tell me the model of your router?
  4. Can you tell me who your ISP is?

I’d like to add your details to our tracking sheet for our QA team if possible, thanks!

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  1. No, I have another one at a different home and I switch authorizations back and forth.
  2. Actually yes, Cisco.
  3. Router (ie NAT) is an Apple Airport Extreme, which goes to a Netgear GS116 switch. Never ever had a problem with these.
  4. Spectrum - currently 400mbps down / 20mbps up.

I forgot to mention that the error cleared out after I restarted Roon core.

Hello @miguelito, and thanks for the info! I’ve added you to our tracker.

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