Odroid Bridge with Audeze Deckard DAC

I’m having a problem getting any output from the xmos usb based DAC above. Originally, I was able to get playback, but there were consistent sound artifacts(clicks, pops). Now if I try to play back through this chain, the DAC locks up and needs to be power cycled in order to function again on any other device. If I replace this DAC on the odroid with a FIIO E18, the playback clears up. I can run the Deckard through Windows (with the aiso custom driver) as a roon output without a problem, so the DAC seems fine. Appears to be some sort of driver issue with this particular DAC on Linux. Note it appears to be connected at high speed rather than full speed. Any ideas? Thanks.

The odroid is running arm based Linux 16.04 kernel Linux odroid 3.10.104-182.

odroid@odroid:~$ cat /proc/asound/cards
1 [Audio ]: USB-Audio - Audeze Audio
Audeze Audio Audeze Audio at usb-lm1-1.1, high speed