ODROID C2 Roonbridge DietPi sound issues


i have Roonbridge now on a ODROID C2 running and while music playing there are permanent glitches (pops). Installed is the actual DietPi but i have also testet the standard Ubuntu distribution. The ODROID runs all the time with 2-3% processor usage and very low RAM usage. I have also used three different network connections Ethernet, USB-Wlan and WLAN-AP without any changes. I use the ODROID over USB to a Mutec MC-3+ USB bridge, my Auralic Aries works without problems in this hardware setup as Roonbridge. Roon Core runs on QNAP NAS with a constant network performance.

Have the ODROID such performance problems between the USB and the LAN/RAM bus or is this a software problem?



I was having simular problems with my Asus Tinker Board. Try Volumio.


thanks for your tip with volumio, i found in the volumio user forum the same issue :open_mouth: . Here are the discussion:

CPU affinity changes for interrupt 63 schould be temporary solve the problem.


I experienced the same audio glitches with a C2 running DietPi & RAAT. Since the RPi’s I have are working fine I did not pursue with the C2 and it is currently in the ‘project’ drawer.

CPU affinity change to CPU 2 solve the problem, i haven´t now any issues. :slight_smile:

same here. Nothing above 44.1kHZ 16bit plays without glitches and pops (usb out to ls50 wireless).

did some further testing: it’s only the 24bit that gives me this problem