Odys Winbox as a remote controller

Hi there
I’ve been searching for a nice way to control my Roon server (Mac Mini) and today I found this:

Odys Winbox

I’m a mac guy and not so familiar to the PC-world. Can I install Roon on this and have it as a remote?

Thanks for any answers

Atom processor is pretty darn slow. Why don’t you just get a tablet?

Well, my experience with tablets (or handhelds) is not so good with Roon. Tested iPhones and iPads.
That together with the thought of a device that don’t scream portable made me find that.

You say it’s slow. Roon will be it only task. So you say it will work but do it slow?

If you’re a Mac guy that device looks wrong on all levels :wink:

You can probably load Roon but you might have trouble running it. The resolution looks a bit light and Roon also needs a bit of graphics horsepower since it using OpenGL to process the graphics.

And sorry for not being explicit, but when I mentioned tablets I only meant Android tablets. I forget there are people who use other things. I have been using a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 for over a year and a half. Butter smooth, no hiccups and I can listen from the tablet itself.

Well i’m a little against tabs for this application (and the Winbox costs less than half) of a Galaxy T2, but I have discorvered a larger version of that Odys Winbox (Swedish website):

Intel® Atom™ Z3736F (4 x 2.16 GHz) Processor
2 GB Internminne
Intel HD Graphics Grafikkort
8,9 "HD IPS (1920 x 1200)

Should be better in all ways?

The minimum system hardware requirements has a link to a post by Brian setting out the compromises that below spec hardware can impose.

I haven’t seen anyone use the Odys Winbox, so it may be unlikely that anyone can tell you that it works for them. The things that would concern me are the low cache on the Atom processor and whether the graphics can support OpenGL 3.0.

If you have access to a demonstration model or can trial one of the devices then I would definitely reccomend loading Roon onto it and seeing how it performs before finally purchasing.

There can be a false economy in buying an under spec device “cheaply”, finding that the user experience is unacceptable and then purchasing a within spec device later anyway.