Offer a way to import ALBUM RATINGS from file metadata

Roon is fantastic at helping me find new music and I thoroughly enjoy that aspect of it. However, after a few months of usage, I find it actually impedes access to my own collection. This is mainly due to the way Album Ratings are used: I tend to focus on exploration of my own collection based on album ratings but the fact there is no easy way to import my collection’s ratings into Roon makes this very problematic and Roon’s ratings are often different enough to my own that they can “pollute” my focus results. The only solution so far seems to be to go through the entire collection in Roon and hand edit my ratings, which is a daunting prospect. Without MY ratings, my Roon collection is just a huge pile of disorganised albums.

Please add a method for import album ratings from a file’s meta data. I appreciate there is an issue with user profiles and not wanting to pollute one user’s ratings with another’s, but that shouldn’t stop the search for a solution :slight_smile:

One workaround solution that some users have used, is to add Star Rating Tags to the albums.

Do you mean import playlists containing album ratings, 5* albums, 4.5* etc, and then assign tags to those playlists, eg Tag: Album Rating: 5, Tag: Album Rating: 4.5*?

I did try that, but then using focus with those tag brings my Roon to its knees… I have approx 100,000 tracks and some 1000s of albums. Also, views that show albums ratings on thumbnails as stars still show Roon’s ratings, and not my own.

Using actual album ratings causes no noticeable processing hit at all. For now, I’ve started the extremely laborious task of hand editing every one of my albums :grimacing:

Yes, if you have too many tags, it can get problematic with a large enough library. Which it seems you have.

I do agree though, having the option to import a user generated star rating would be a good thing. Sometimes it is annoying to see an album you love given a garbage rating. And visa versa.

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We shouldn’t have to work around this stuff, importing album ratings from file based metadata should be a no-brainer.


And especially seeing as the quality of Rovi’s editorial content has declined significantly.