Offering $50 to anyone that can get High quality player up and running for me

I have very basic computer skills, little time, and attention deficit which prevents me from reading volumes of instructions as to how to do this.
$50 to paypal for anyone that can help me get this going

PS: its me not HQ player or Roon (im trying to stave off any potential scorn coming my way)

I’m not making a claim on the bounty and I’m not a HQP user, but it might be an idea to quickly give a few more details:

  • kit you have;
  • which HQP version you have or are interested in; and
  • what you’re looking to achieve, in terms of out format/resolution

Good luck

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Let’s see:

USE NAS to store my music files.
Nucleus plus to NAS via network

Not sure what type of HQ player…didn’t know there’s more than one

Roon gets some flack for its sound quality (last I was reading was on PS Audio community boards.)

The folks that pan it all were saying using the HQ player really improves sound quality.
I’d like to get the most out of every aspect of my system. Using HQ player is just part of that
Thanks for your response
Is offering $$ for a service/help really a bounty?

HQP needs something to run on… Nucleus will not support anything else running on it.

What DAC do you use? If it’s network attached also might not work with HQP (PS Audio direct stream cant run NAA AFAIK) but USB connection to the HQP machine will maybe be ok - perhaps not ideal though.

you need to give much much more info and I doubt $50 would cut it for most support types to invest time on this. Just sayin’, but with enough information you might get what you need from the good folks who help out here.

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Using PS Audio Direct stream dac with I2S connection to nucleus via Matrix and USB

My DSD is not networked

Matrix DDC? USB would have to connect to the PC running HQP…so you need more hardware.

Are you dissatisfied with the sound of roon?

I was being a little flowery with language but the Cambridge dictionary doesn’t say I’m wrong so I’ll take it.

Thanks that makes it easy

Not sure if I paid someone to mow my lawn I’d call it a bounty but maybe I’ll start

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It certainly sounds more exciting for potential gardeners :wink:

No but even though I have Audirvana Ive never compared.
At same time read fait number of folks online saying it doesnt have very good sound quality.
Everyone Lauds Roon for how it organizes music but less so on sound quality.
If there was something easy that could perhaps make it sound better I walked go for it…same way I would for any pieces in my system

I reached a point in life that I decided to stop wondering what the inside of a rabbit hole looked like and just enjoy myself.


But there’s an equal number saying it does. That’s the Internet for you.

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Take the BLUE pill :joy:


Hi, I’m no expert, but always happy to help! If your setup is similar to mine, you have one pc running Roon Server and another pc running HQPlayer? All pc’s are Windows? What are you using as NAA connected to your DAC? I recommend RopieeeXL. Or do you have Roon Server, and HQPlayer both running on the same PC? Can Roon play directly to the DAC?

Thx hammer but starting to take on “science fair project” level stuff…which seems like a weird thing in 2022 but it is what it is.

I shouldn’t get involved in things where I don’t understand the terminology used in a basic discussion re: the goal

Haha! Well, the goal is to get the best possible sound from your system and to that end, imho, HQPlayer can’t be beat! It’s a really noticeable difference from playing directly from Roon!

If you’re starting out and have not invested in any PC hardware, maybe the simplest thing is to run both Roon Server and HQPlayer on the same PC. And then once you have that working well, you can tinker to improve the sounds further. In that setup, you just attach you USB DAC to the PC and install any drivers that come with the DAC so it’s recognized by the PC. At that point, HQPlayer should be able to play to it.

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I’ve spent bout a year building my system from ground up.
I need a bit of time from spending $$$$.
Given I’m using a nucleus it doesn’t seem doable unless I buy something else
Perhaps one day down the road

Current setup:

Files on a NAS

Nucleus >matrix via usb>dac via i2s>pre amp>amp.

Use Google phone and MAC desktop for controllers