Offline access to Roon playlists

Since I’ve started using Roon, one issue I have is when I travel. It would be great to save playlists on the iPad for offline access. With Tidal tracks things could be encrypted to avoid rights issues. Tidal offers offline access and so does apple’s music player. I’m forced to use a myriad of other apps when I travel including apple music, tidal etc to access music I want when I travel. While Roon has primarily been an audiophile in home high fidelity solution I think shifting the vision to enable high fidelity access using the best interface possible to music in one’s life in general would be a great goal. There’s lots of people who hook up Dacs to an iPad or laptop with headphones on the go. I’m not one of them, while traveling I just would like to continue to use the Roon interface which is far superior to others out there. Storage is an issue but now with iPad OS enabling file access and having larger SSD’s it becomes far more tractable. Certainly for those with laptops it’s even more a no brainer but I primarily use an iPad when I travel.


There are many, many similar posts and portable roon is on the roadmap, where it has been for a long time.

I’m sure but no harm in one more voice :slight_smile:

However, I think with recent technology this becomes even more compelling

There is one thread (search for XLD) where a guy routinely overnight converts his flac library to AAC’s (using a free app called XLD), which he plays on iTunes.

Might be an option.

Thanks for your input. I actually use iTunes since it was ( prior to Roon ) and still is my lossless ripping solution and I copy over the iTunes library to my NAS where I have Roon running. However my high def music is separate since I have a lot of DSD’s ( as a former SACD owner ) and other high resolution audio which is all part of the repository that Roon points on the NAS. And I’ve really grown to using Tidal which a lot of my playlists contain. Hence I’m kind of handcuffed to Roon where a collection of disparate sets of audio has coalesced. :slight_smile:

And one more thing to the previous comment. I’m not just asking for portable audio - I think Roon should revisit their vision of who they are. It’s important for technology companies to do that from time to time to stay ahead of the curve.