Offline Editing of Library


My Roon Core is installed on my home PC with all music stored on a USB connected to my PC. I had plans of manually identifying a large batch of currently unidentified albums in my database whilst away from home so backed up my PC Roon database, installed Roon on my laptop and restored my database to the laptop. The problem is that Roon will not see any music unless I connect the USB to the laptop. I know it’s probably a daft question but is there a way to use Roon Core without the music storage attached in order to correct my library “offline” on my laptop and then restore it to my PC when back home? I can’t take the USB with me or the wife would kill me :slight_smile:



Hi @Paul_Moran,

Not a daft question, but unfortunately the answer is no … you would have to have a copy of the music files.

An alternative would be have a second copy of that USB drive, however, please note that with one Roon license you can only have one copy active at an point in time.

Thanks for the quick reply Carl

That’s a shame…maybe something for the devs to consider in a future release? :slight_smile: