Offline files and the library

Hi all, first post for me. I just bought a lifetime subscription so I guess I’m committed.

I have a Mac mini in which I’ve upgraded one drive to a 500GB SSD for the library and the other 1TB drive has most of my regular music. I also have a 2TB USB 3 drive attached which has other libraries eg Jazz and Classical music. If I leave the USB drive disconnected the roon software starts to remove the library entries.

Is there a setting somewhere to stop this happening? I’ve seen the info on setting focus to filter music types, directories etc but it really would be useful if there were a way of taking library directories offline. The focus approach is a bit of a kludge.

Roon will not display music which is not physically available at that moment. The moment the storage location is available the music will re-appear.

Your post was confusing are you requesting a way to keep the library entries in Roon but indicated as “Currently Unavailable” when a storage location goes offline?

Or are you asking for a way to disable storage locations? Currently, you have the option to disable storage locations. However, storage locations don’t have to be the whole drive. For example, if you have one drive containing a folder called Music/Classical and another on the same drive called Music/Jazz you can make them separate storage locations and then you can disable Jazz for example but still have access to Classical.

Thanks for the reply. Ok so what you are saying is that when I see the tracks number counting backwards it’s not that the metadata associated with the tracks is being deleted but rather it’s just being removed from the currently available? So when I reattach storage roon isn’t downloading all the metadata again?

So if I disable the directory I’ve mapped in Settings - Storage it doesn’t remove anything from the library, it just hides the associated tracks?

Thanks for the help.

I would like to jump since I am having a possibly related problem. I have all my Music on 2 TB external drive where I have a watched folder with my music. This works great most of the time but I find that frequently I lose the link and I have to reset the folder link and rescan the music. This doesn’t take a huge amount of time but it does take several minutes. It is probably my fault for disconnecting the drive before exiting Roon.

It would be nice to have Roon remember the folders. I know this may be asking a lot but I thought I’d mention it

Ironically iTunes seems to handle this well, it only marks a track unavailable when you try to play it, when you reconnect the file location and try to play again it just goes ahead and plays it. I like that.

All this is made more difficult on a Mac because the handling of mapped directories is utterly hopeless on OS X. If the drive isn’t available on restart you get error messages and then when the NAS does come online you need to remap it. If this was better implemented I’d just leave the infrequent music on my NAS.

I haven’t tried yet what disabling a directory does, I will soon.