Offline for 2 years, now client (build 537) can't update server (build 310)

Core Machine
Win 10 / Roon build 310.

Network Details
Roon Server hardwired off R9000 wap.

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Description Of Issue
I’ve been offline with my system in boxes for 2 and a half years (moved across country). Now fired it up but Roon Server (remote core) won’t update. Client sees it (whether accessing on desktop or iPad) but says Software Update Needed, and won’t update the core.

Any ideas?


I would recommend manually downloading and installing the latest Roon Server.
It should install over the top of the existing build and when it runs it will update the Roon database to latest version.

However, as your current build is so old, it would be prudent to take a copy of the Roon installation folder first before performing the installation.

On a Windows machine it will be similar to this path …


Thanks. Did the d/l and install; now ipad (for example) sees the Roonserver and says it is a stable build 537…but still cannot get to it. ?? Sees it but can’t access it?

Hi Ted,

Is your iPad Roon app version 537 as well?

Yes it is, as well as my Win 7 desktop client. Both identify the core, list its name and ip address, and ask me to connect…but then a red network error message saying check your internet connection. ? Or it sends me to login, and once I do…same thing.

Check your firewall is letting Roon through on your core machine. Their are two exceptions needed for Roon, sometime on windows it does not set them.

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Resolved; it was a DNS issue with the USB NIC I was using. All is well, thanks to my good audio buddy Larry Mitchell. :slight_smile:

Close this thread…thx

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