Offline music in TIDAL/Roon


I want to have some TIDAL music available offline to play through Roon so I can listen to my offline stuff whilst my partner simultaneously streams to her iPad

How can I do that please? In Roon or in the TIDAL app? Or not at all

Cheers as always

That feature is only available on the mobile Tidal app unfortunately.


oh well

Will Roon be adding support for storing Tidal albums for offline playback?

I live with a 5mbps internet connection (nothing faster available) and regular Tidal streaming is spotty, with MQA coming I would REALLY like the ability to save Tidal albums and tracks so I don’t have to stream them constantly.

It’s available in the Tidal mobile app, so Tidal supports it, and I really think it would be a nice feature to add to Roon.


It’s not available in the Tidal’s own desktop app, most likely for piracy prevention reasons. I highly doubt Roon would be able to do anything different.

Mobile you might as well use the Tidal app, Roon doesn’t have playback on iOS, at least not right now.

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yet any news about Tidal offline?
I can’t stand my music stopping :frowning:


Make Tidal $1,000,000 profit by allowing us to store offline, secured files. Then Roon looks first for local file. Of course they only play with legit subscription but we all can stop repeatedly downloading the same file over and over. ROON can partner with Tidal to be official playback tool and they save millions in bandwidth and streaming costs.
It could cut Tidal server demands in 1/2.
Downloading the same files over and over is basically the worst data processing plan ever invented. Local store…keep same security model as mobile downloads. And BOOM problem solved, money saved, and ROON becomes even more famous and rich.

Remember they already allow on Mobile. Desktop is absolutely no different… So lets rock this.



Sadly NO…
They already do it on my phone…
Would be so easy to do on Roon…