Offline roon remote app and library view

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I would like to ask Roon team whether they are going to support offline view of the library and of course roon remote app in general in new builds versions? For me personaly it would be a great feature, which allow me to prevent buying a CD record (I’ve ripped all my CD’s) which I already have :wink:. I have done it few times so far. What do you think about this idea? Other users opinions are welcome here…

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Like in the thread you’ve referenced, I’m not sure what is meant by “offline view”? Are you requesting a way to keep the library entries view-able in Roon but indicated as “Currently Unavailable” when a storage location goes offline?

It seems to me you are really want is an Asset Management Database. You can simulate such by loading everything in Roon, then exporting a spreadsheet and use that as a whole collection reference.

First of all, I request to Roon remote app should be workable without the online connection with the Roon core (only for library “offline” view purpose) and yes, library entries viewable offline (currently unavailable to play). So if possible to keep the last library entries (from the last online connection with the roon core and storage locations) viewable only on mobile device (iOs, Android) with Roon remote app. It would be much more convenience that exporting and taking any spreadsheet. And great to carry your own, actual albums list anytime. Of course I don’t know if the software architecture allow for this feature?

Do you mean on a device you can carry with you, when you are out shopping, in a physical store, in a brick-and-mortar building, away from your home? Wearing clothes?

How quaint :grinning:


Exactly, but wearing or not clothes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, but always with my Roon’s offline library!

For offline mobile viewing, Roon probably would have to cache on the mobile device a local copy of its database. Remember, Roon databases tend to run several GBs in size. Due to storage and synchronization complexities, offline mobile viewing seems unlikely, a pipe dream.


You’re right. But maybe only albums and artists list without any others data and pictures could be synchronizes. Probably it isn’t on the top of priorities if at all on the roadmap.

I agree this is an interesting feature for consideration … I keep eyeing discogs as I listen and look and can’t imaging going back to scan everything to get it in there - especially when it’s already within Roon. Being able to see things on the go would be quite nice.

Web view (if not playback) would be pretty cool. Bonus … It’s hard to show someone what Roon is even like unless they are in your home.

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The integration with Discogs would be a great feature, even instead of Roon’s offline mode. There is a thread about it here, but rather about Discogs as a source of metadata. I hope that could be integrated with user account, e.g for exporting or sync Roon’s library with Discogs