Offline upgrade package for ROCK PC

Roon Core Machine

Intel NUC7i7

Networking Gear & Setup Details

On wired Network

Connected Audio Devices

Allo USBridge Sig.

Number of Tracks in Library

< 150,000

Description of Issue

I am in China mainland (Shanghai), due to our country’s “Great Firewall” blockage, my ROCK upgrade can not be implemented via Internet. I think this is same to all China ROON users if they do not have any “VPN” knowledge to make the home broadband Internet through the GFW… I am asking if ROON can provide an off line package that I can upgrade my ROCK. Now the ROON server is NOT accessible due to the upgrade issue.



Can you do a VPN from your router? (Or is the VPN knowledge the issue rather than ROCK’S appliance nature?)

No, I can’t. And FYI, trying VPN to break through GFW is illegal in China mainland. ROON upgrade mechanism is unfortunately blocked by GFW. This is NOT a technical issue for your ROON upgrade. The server you have to provide upgrade is not reachable from China main land Internet. This is ONLY for China main land Internet users, and please provide an offline upgrade solution. Thanks!


Fang if you are running Roon on Rock you should be able to download the latest version from the Roon site (if you can reach it) and burn it to a memory stick and reinstall it again to get the update.

While I might well be wrong, I’m fairly sure I have read this before. Neither James or I work for Roon , but are fellow user’s just trying to help out

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Hi Michael,

Thanks for the note, I will try!


@Michael_Harris - there’s a problem. The ROCK download is (or certainly was last month) an old version . It installed Roon version 1.7, which meant that after installation, the first thing that needed to happen was an online upgrade to version 1.8, build 884. And that’s the very thing that is being prevented by the China firewall.

@support - can the latest version of Roon be added to the ROCK build, please?

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Wow… Thanks for the note too! Maybe I wait till ROON upgraded its ROCK installation package into the latest version then I do what Michael suggested.


Sorry James, I did not realize that your are NOT ROON supporter, sorry again!

Goeff that’s why I was hesitant, but understood that the process updates the database on start-up if the version is not at the latest version.

So hopefully Support can answer your question and then Fang can know at least if that works.

@support, hi, could you please have a look of this case and get back with some solutions / work arounds?

Hey @Fang_Ruan,

Thanks a lot for letting us know of this — I’m sorry we didn’t react until just now. We have, in the meantime, discussed this. Our team is looking into a solution.

Please, stay tuned :pray:

I got the same problem with you and I am Chinese too.
I downloaded ROCK from the official website and flash it into my J1900 computer.
But it’s update is really too slow… Although is success at the final.
The best way to solve this still build a proxy on your router.
Roon need to sync with the server with a lot of data, and if you stream with Tidal or Qobuz, it will need transfer a lot of data…


Google Translation

Brother, if their team is lazy and doesn’t upload it, they will have no solution… The best way is to buy a cheap router, then hang a proxy specifically, get a switch in the middle, and the NCU only connects to the switch to filter out most of the noise. I also waited for a few hours for the ROCK upgrade this afternoon, and it was very confusing… If you still listen to Qobuz and Tidal, you should go to the proxy… I used the Windows version of Roon to hang the proxy all the way, and the wall will only get higher and higher.


Google Translation

Got it, thanks for the tip. I’m also going to set up this program now.

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