Offline upsampling than filtering with HQPlayer

According to my experience HQ Player draws most CPU load when doing upsampling (not filtering) - I have noticed that genuine 192 khz files without upsampling work seamlessly on my old Mac Book Pro with all the filters (even closed form or poly sinc extr).
Now I have downloaded a software which does offline upsampling (AUI converteR - well regarded in the computeraudiophile forum).
Is it usefull feeding HQPlayer or Roon with already upsampled files and then applying filters/dithering (i.e. Poly Sinc/Closed Loop + NS9)??
Or should the filters be turned off as the upsampled files are already somewhat filtered (I can choose dithering (with is off in my settings), linear Phase/minimum phase filtered upsampling with that software above mentionned)??

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That’s the same thing, filtering is inherent part of the upsampling process…

No, it doesn’t make sense to do this kind of mixed setup…

Filter is part of the upsampling process. So if you pre-process files, you should turn off all processing in Roon and HQPlayer. In essence, HQPlayer goes wasted and you can drop it out and just use Roon alone then.

this was very valuable and quick Information (even on sunday) - thanks so much!

So - I have some “original” 192 khz files - if I listen to them, should I turn off the filters then as well?

No, this is different case… You can compare if you notice difference with/without filters. HQPlayer filters can still perform apodizing function even if the rate conversion is 1:1. But it is not useful for already upsampled files, only for original non-upsampled content.

thanks a lot!!