Offres Tidal Best BUY utilisable en Europe?


I am a French resident subscribed to Roon and I use TIDAL Famille at 29.99 € monthly,
in the united states, through the Best BUY site, the partnership with TIDAL provides very competitive prices provided you live in the united states.
can I use a subscription in France?

the site has negotiated with Tidal but only on promotional and short-term offers
Thank you for your answers


Hi Jean-Luc.

I have purchased such Best Buy plan and have it active here in the UK. However, TIDAL had to change my geo-location to US before they could activate the Best Buy code.

All works well so far.



Thank you for your answer, when Tidal changed your geolocation, did you create your Tidal account in the United States? And use a VPN to geolocate in the United States?
Jluc :grinning:

You’re welcome.

I am in the UK and signed up here (for UK account) months ago but canceled my subscription recently as I prefer Qobuz. When I noticed you could buy a yearly or 3 month subscription for very little compared to what we pay in the UK, I decided to test and see if it will work.

Code did not work given I am not in the US and with a UK account so decided to email Tidal and ask if there is a work around. They said it could not be applied to a UK account and asked if I was traveling. I believe they presumed I shared my time between the US and UK and offered to change geo-location. Obviously I said yes and they changed it :slight_smile:

Hope this makes sense.

If you don’t want to go through this, I presume that using a US VPN to subscribe to Tidal and then add the code will work without any issues.

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Not sure how you guys did this but sounds weird to me. The TIDAL promotion offered by Best Buy is only aplicable to Best Buy Members so how anybody that lives in the UK could be a US Best Buy Member? In fact, to renew and control your TIDAL subscription, it has to be done entering in your Best Buy account. not over TIDAL.

Well, I did it.

Added offer to basket, went to checkout, created an account, was asked for an address so used my UK one with a valid US post code since they would not accept mine, used my kid’s mobile number as he lives in the US and they require US number, created account, confirmed my email, paid for the code and bob’s your uncle :slight_smile:

Do bear in mind I did have to email Tidal and they offered to change my geo-location as per my previous posts but presume that if signing up to Tidal with a US VPN you won’t have to go through this.

There you go!! Does not work for everybody as what you did does not looks “legal” to me and not everybody who lives in EU has a son or daughter living in the USA that they can use their phone number to open a Best Buy account.

The man asked a question and I replied. Simple as that.

Nevertheless, am not sure how to feel about your response and will leave it at that.