Oh, now I see... You don't update your Roon apps the normal way

So you don’t keep looking in the App Store for an update like every other iPhone/iPad app. You have to open the Roon app and it tells you that you have an update and you have to go to the App Store. WTF?

I just checked my Roon Rock server and it was on 1.7. I rebooted just to see if there would be a check at boot time. Nope. But in my iPad app I pressed the button and it says I’m at 1.8. I went to the browser window that has my Rock page, refreshed and what do you know…

I guess I’ll know next time but that was a weird way to update.

No, the update was in the App Store before even launching Roon core app for me.

Not me. I had to open the app and it displayed an App Store graphic. I pressed it and was sent directly to the app update in the App Store.

That’s because you were supposed to update the iOS app first. If you don’t, you then get that warning.

The thing you saw was us telling you that your app requires and update. Apple controls the updates via the app store, not us.

You were probably too fast and the app store and you probably missed each other by just a second. Anyway, the way you think it should work is the way it works and has worked for the tens of thousands people who have already updated.

Glad you are all updated now.

Yes, all’s well that ends well. But I updated both my iPad app and my iPhone app today and the same behavior happened in both devices. I checked all day in the App Store for the typical update entry. In fact during the day various apps did appear in the update section. At no time did the Roon app appear in the App Store for either device.

The symbol/image/graphic in the app was the App Store “logo” (not sure if that’s the best name for it, but you get the idea) was in the app. It was a link to the App Store. When I pressed it, it took me directly to the update dialog in the App Store. So the update was hidden or something like that – but it never appeared in the app store in the usual way.

I don’t mean to make a mountain out of a mole hill, but I know what I saw. If tens of thousands saw the expected behavior – good for them. It didn’t happen for me on two devices.

For me, the IOS Roon 1.8 app became available a couple minutes before the graphic in the App Store was refreshed. That’s an Apple issue, not a Roon issue. It was a matter of a couple minutes, maybe less.

My last word on this subject. I work in high tech and I’m very familiar with software updates in the cloud. My company uses AWS for our cloud services and we have something in the neighborhood of 30 servers in AWS locations globally. We do regional server load-balancing as well. We have complex security software as part of the mix.

When we do a big global update, things can go wrong here and there. Some people don’t have issues, some people do. We always learn from the people who didn’t have a good experience. If my experience helps the Roon team think through their update procedure and that makes the next one better, then I’m glad I spoke up. If I’m just coming across as an irritating ingrate, I apologize.

I just started subscribing to Roon. I love it. I spent a lot of money on a dedicated home server. I use Roon every day. When I saw the “hype” about how great 1.8 was going to be, I was eager to get it. Because I didn’t get it until 4:00 PM on the “Big Day” after watching for updates all day, I was disappointed.

I think a lot of people were as eager as I was – because Roon is so good and 1.8 was supposed to be so much better. I think this could have been pulled off better and with less disappointment. I hope next time, the hype is less and the disappointment is less. That’s one man’s opinion.

Now it’s time to enjoy…

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