OK I admit it...Tidal + Roon is pretty awesome!

I must admit I have been avoiding signing up for any music subscription service because I must be an old guy that prefers to own my music. I still own every single CD I have ever purchased since I was 16 when I got my first CD player for Christmas. That includes a fair share of forgettable CDs (Tiffany, Milli Vanilli, Naughty by Nature, Debbie Gibson, etc). Maybe I keep hearing my Dads voice in my head telling me renting anything is a total waste of money.

Anyway, I just signed up today for Tidal just because I was curious how it integrated with Roon. I justified it to myself by saying that Tidal will actually help me save money.

I must admit the integration with Roon is spectacular! Now I just need to figure out how I am going to reconcile to myself how to use Tidal while also continuing to buy CDs. I suspect using Tidal will probably get me to buy even more CDs!!!


One way is to listen to a whole CD instead of impulse buying.

I definitely find that Tidal saves me money:

I preview CDs and decide there are some I don’t want to buy, that otherwise I probably would have bought hoping I would like them. In addition, there are lots of albums I sort of like or like parts of them, but don’t really want to buy them. Tidal lets me hear them without buying.

The stuff I really like I buy anyway. Sometimes new artists I buy anyway to support them.

The integration with Roon is fantastic and really improves the Tidal experience and makes it more worth the outlay.

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Tidal is great because it allows me to listen to a lot of old stuff I used to have on vinyl Which I didn’t repurchase on CD. Some artists I may only have a partial collection of, and now I can listen the their collection start to finish. Surprising how many old albums I really enjoy. Not to mention, this new MQA stuff is pretty cool.