OK, I have File Explorer on my PC set up for sharing (I think). So, how do I transfer my "Music" folder

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…to my Nucleus? I think I’ve jumped through all the sharing hoops. Is it best to transfer my “Music” folder/files directly to Nucleus from my Glyph external HD or should I transfer the folder from my PC computer?

I’m using an iPad to control Roon Nucleus. I’m in “Settings” then “Storage.” It says “Choose music storage folder” at the top of the page. And at the bottom it says “+ Add network sharing.” Then at the very bottom of the page it says “Cancel” and “Select this folder.”

So, I choose “Select this folder.” This takes me to the next page where it says, at the top…“Add storage location.” The page has four separate headings…1. “Folder,” 2. “Options,” 3. “Import other playlists,” and 4. “Ignored paths.” And, at the bottom of the page you can “Cancel” or “Add” which is grayed out.

So, where do I go from here? Obviously, I’m a beginner at this. I’ve been working hours on this. I’m hoping the end is near. As I mentioned above, I think I’ve set up sharing for my “Music” files on my PC. But should I share from my PC or my external HD? Please explain to me, step-by-step how to do either. Thank you so much!

Hi @Thomas_Williamson, I’m sure the effort will be worthwhile once this is all set up!

I’d suggest you look over this section of our Nucleus Internal Storage guide. The preferred method of importing music to the internal storage is a simple drag and drop using your iPad. If you’re able to view the folder structure of your external drive from your iPad, that’s definitely the way to go.

Take a look at the gifs in that document that illustrate the process.

Hey @Thomas_Williamson,

It’s been a while since our team last replied, and I wanted to post on this thread to see if the steps above helped, or, if we can help with anything at all :nerd_face:

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