OK, I will bite - where is MQA 1st unfold… please?

I know, i said i wouldn’t and i have…

Erm, where is MQA 1st unfold…please ?

Check it this thread. It’s coming, but the Roon team hasn’t given a date. Is Roon supporting MQA? What are the pros and cons of MQA?

I know.

I have been awfully patient, but there are only so many times i can hit “refresh” on the forum. I know a release with MQA is probably only one aspect of what the devs are working on, its just that my anticipation is peaking !

I think it’s unlikely you’ll learn much about when it’s coming from the Forum. It’s more likely that you’ll get an upgrade message one day and there it will be. That’s partly because no one knows what issues will show up in testing and partly because Roon doesn’t share timetabling info. Managing timetabling information takes time away from development and testing.

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Ah i know really Andy…

Its just an expression of my personal impatience really, and the completely unrealistic desire for someone like yourself to say “oh, tomorrow actually”

I don’t know either :hugs:. I’m giving some Dragonfly Reds as birthday gifts to young folk this month and I expect that they’ll see rendering lights flash at some stage.

My interest entirely. My dragonfly aches to turn a ‘slightly’ different shade…

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I guess if you really want to try it then run the tidal desktop client and plug in your dragon fly to give it and you a taste of mqa. Personally I don’t own an mqa ready dac so until then I will remain in the darkness.

Yeah have tried it but my desktop is not in my main listening system so hard to make qualified a/b judgements. All good things come to he who waits…

Oh, i wouldn’t say that? It’s not like you’ll hear music for the first time? :wink:
An observation i made while visiting Swedens biggest high end hifishow in Stockholm during this past weekend, was that not one demonstrator mentioned MQA. Not one product was advertized as having “MQA capabilities”
And still, a lot of extremely expensive HighEnd gear was showed with Tidal as source…

Exactly my point in the other thread. Impossible to compare except in main listening station. And even then it will be difficult because MQA is louder.

I’m patient for it to come to Roon, but not patient for the endless speculation to end. I’ll be glad when the Roon team can move on to bigger and better things.