Ok, what does clicking on the heart icon do for me?

Please tell me. What I’d love is the ability to filter on the albums or songs I heart. Otherwise, why am I doing this? Does it just tell Roon which albums I like? Maybe it adjusts Radio accordingly? Seems so simple, would love to know JUST which albums or songs I favorite and play them.

You can view Albums or Tracks that you’ve favorited (heart icon) by clicking on the heart icon next to Focus in an appropriate Library browser screen. You can then Shuffle (random) or Select All/Play (ordered) to play those favourites.

Toggling the heart icon to ban will stop that Album/Track from being played by Radio.

The Roon KB helps with the learning curve.

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Fav your favourite tunes is a great way to develop a massive playlist for the times when you don’t know what to play or just want a random selection.

Go to Tracks, select heart & shuffle and hit play. You know you are going to like every track and can follow a path out from a selection at any time.

Things often pop up that you have forgotten about also. It’s a great feature I use a lot.

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Ah, thanks to both of you!

I’m sorry I missed that in the KB, @andybob, thanks.

Love it @Chrislayeruk! That’s what I was looking for as well. Not just to be able to play favorited albums but tracks as well! Yay, time for me to revisit some greatest hits!