Ok, what the heck have I done? Album tracks now play in random order

I have no idea what I might have done but it was not like this last night.
Whenever I play any album now and I hit play now, it plays the tracks in a totally random shuffled order.
This is on both Qobuz and my own ripped music.
This is also independent of control device, it happens when I use my iPad mini4 or android smartphone to select play.
I’m guessing I goosed something somewhere but cannot see what.
No shuffle mode I can see anywhere for within my album?

Check your queue, the Shuffle toggle stays on until you toggle it off, blue is on.


Well you are right…of course.
However I know I did not toggle it on AND it was toggled on at both totally separate devices being both my iPad and my phone.
Just checked and on my win10pc it was NOT toggled on.

I can be a klutz I admit but on two separate devices at the same time?
Beyond even my ability to accomplish! Lol.

I’m going to keep an eye on this and if it reoccurs it will be posted as a possible bug.
Thank you!

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Kevin we have all done this and decided that the world has turned on us.
Did it myself recently and was writing an thread posting and thankfully spotted it just in time :grin:

(Off course sometimes it is just the world)

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I am of the opinion that The World and I do not see eye to eye…

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The only reason I came to that conclusion, I’m guilty too

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So I did have to sit back and think about this as i do not make mistakes… :innocent:

As I was relaxing in the hot tub last night a light bulb appeared, glowed brightly then promptly exploded into a thousand pieces! But it was long enough for me to have a " oh yes right" moment.

The night previously I had just finished an album and could not be bothered to pick another so hit my tracks and then selected the queue and selected shuffle, I think the first time I have ever done that.
And then of course promptly forgot all about it and prepared to swear on my deathbed that it was not me!
Hangs head in shame…

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