Okay, food and beer in, family away for the weekend so

:telephone_receiver: …where’s the upgrade???

we’re told VERY SOON, but I need it now! :cd:

:radio: I want to press “play tag” and a wonderfully random eclectic selection be played. :radio:

What’s that I hear, the rustle of bells? :christmas_tree:



Of all people, the Irishman cracked first… :wink:

And i’m so glad he did… Its not like we haven’t all been thinking the same, yet showing admirable restraint !

No idea what it means but it is from a proper Irish band. Put on the music now!


I read that as “in a family way” at first !

The Roon stork is on its way. I’m betting it can beat Santa’s sleigh.

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Looking forward for Roon surprises… Let’s have a nice can of cold beer and Jingle Bells Rock!

I’ll take a coffee, since it is 4:30 am over here :sunglasses:

Okay, drowned the non appearance of my Christmas gift from Roon with the copious bottles of stout I had stashed. :beers:

As everything comes into focus again I realise I realise that :santa: Roon :santa: would never break with :christmas_tree: tradition by leaving an update under my :evergreen_tree: so early.

So as @Dick_Vliek suggested time for some music. Hot House Flowers were contemporaries of mine so I probably never gave them the respect they deserved. I did see Liam with Casandra Wilson last month and it was a wonderful show which you would have enjoyed if you like that sean nós song. There was on some tracks a unique blending of Jazz and this old Irish traditional way of singing.

Anyway it’s another Irish gem with a certain Yule tide look for me this morning

Are we there yet?