Okay... Make It Stop. Quitting RoonServer?

Okay, I have a new one, as I work my way through the trial:

Running RoonServer on a headless Mac Mini. Works like a charm. I’m controlling via an iMac running Roon as a remote.

So, if I quit Roon on the iMac, RoonServer keeps playing music. I can start/quit Roon all day long, it seems, and RoonServer keeps on ticking. If I go to the Mini via Share Screen, there is no process to quit… no menu… no way to get RoonServer to cut off.

So, how do you get this good thing to stop?

Press the Pause button on the remote (bottom left), before quitting Roon Remore on the iMac.

Cheers, Greg

That easy, eh, @Greg?

I think I’ve got a glimpse into how it works now. Thanks

Hi Rob, Yeah, I think they consider pause and stop to be the same thing in Roon.

Cheers, Greg

… And it took me years to understand how that works in my relationship. :smile:


Pause (Space Bar), pauses the music and when ‘un-paused’ playback continues from that point in time in the track.
Stop (Ctrl-T), stops the music and resets the track to start at the beginning.

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It’s funny, the first 30 years of personal computers have taught us a lot of silly actions that don’t really make sense. Things like shutting down a program and saving a file you have been working on are the result of surfacing an implementation hack driven by hardware limitations: memory is more expensive than disk, and must be kept alive with electricity. But why do I have to save a file? I’ve been working on it for half an hour, of course I want to save it! You take care of the hardware hacks, I don’t want to hear about it. And the same about shutting down a program, none of my concern, run the program when I want to interact with it, when I don’t use it I don’t care if it runs or not, you take care of resource consumption.

And in fact, we see more of this in modern systems. In the iPad or Windows 8, you don’t need to shut down a program, the system takes care of this. You can, but it is quite well hidden. And the funny thing is, the old behavior is so ingrained, the customers objected and Windows 10 got back some of the old behavior.

I argue strongly that Roon should persist its state, including what the screen looks like, if I walk away from it and come back later. I don’t care if anything was shut down or rebooted or went to sleep in the meantime. If I pause the music I can start it later from the same point, or play something else.

That’s all well stated, and I can’t disagree.

But there is limited documentation regarding how Roon operates – none really – so we are left to guess how things work, to ask questions, or to wonder why the implementation is not in accordance with how computers have operated for, oh, 30 years.

This is what happens for me for each remote I operate so not sure why you are not experiencing the same. I.e. Each remote returns to what it was last doing.

Of course since you can control each zone in Roon from multiple remotes at the same time then merely quitting or sleeping a remotes does not stop play from that zone. If it did it would break the concept of multiple remotes and would stop play unless your device was set to never sleep which I don’t think anyone would want.