Okto8 DSP capability

The next FW release from Okto enables DSP capability through: AVDSP_DAC8/documents/AVDSP for DAC8_V160_1.pdf at main · fabriceo/AVDSP_DAC8 · GitHub. I am not sure how beefy the XMOS CPU is; also, the one is the Okto is likely an older version. I would personally love to have HQPlayer filters available for use on the DAC itself much like was done on the Wandla. I use 2 Okto8s in my multi-channel setup and having this capability would be absolutely great and it would simplify my setup. I am not sure that there is interest in pursuing this.

8 channels means 4x heavier processing load compared to stereo. XMOS is also quite a bit more limited…

You can do both. Use hqp for music streaming etc. With the new firmware can do proper multichannel dsd.

Then for non-hqp compatible sources can use tge internal okto dsp. Not as much resolution, but will cover most things.

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XMOS is indeed quite a bit limited to the desktop horsepower available, but I think that even an upsample to 192kHz or 384kHz using HQPlayer filters would provide a sonic improvement over the ESS filters. I really like what is being done on the Wandla and would really just love to see something similar on a multi-channel DAC.

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