Old bug back again .... stops when trying to play next enqueued track

Haven’t seen this for a longer period now, but since the latest update this one got re-introduced.
Had this a couple of times with the previous update some months ago but it was gone with one of the updates then.
And not it’s back again, see animated gif

stopping/restarting the core is the only way to make roon working again.

Hi @StefanB,

So we can better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

Have you noticed any specific patterns about when this occurs?

  • Does this occur for all content (TIDAL/Qobuz/Local)?
  • Does this occur for all endpoints?

Nothing special, and nothing changed since next to a year.
Controlling roon from the windows pc, while the core runs on a Synology.
Netgear switch in between these, connected to a couple of pi with dacs running ropiee.
I’ll give it a try checking differnt endpoint when it happens again. But I doubt it would make a differnce, since when I restart roon on the pc it opened with wiggeling as shown in the animated gif even without selecting any endpoint nor having started to play anything. Remains until core restarted.
Local collection only, fed up with tidal & qubox, to much corrupted/missing/low q stuff offered, so I’m back buying vinyls.

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