Old Classical Recordings Not Identified

When I try the “identify album” feature, why do all of the options come from the last 20 years? Many of my favorite classical music recordings are from the 1950s, 60s and 70s. Is there a way to adjust the date range?

I have found I can manually edit recording and release dates.

Thanks, Chris. I am aware I can do that. What I was talking about is the results Roon brings up when I use the Discover Album feature. These albums are currently “unknown” in Roon. When I ask Roon to search for a match, Roon brings up albums no older than around 1990. Does that make sense?

It tells me that the Data bases Roon uses are deficient in this area. They are much better with Pop/Rock genres. I am not sure this will improve much anytime soon but happy to be proved wrong. On the plus side, doing your own edits gives you greater knowledge of your library.