"Old" image v148 for download

Can you please provide an link in order to be able to download the older v148 image. This would be great. Thank you. Juergen Reis

Why do you want an old image?

For a listening test / comparison. Yesterday I was listening to the RoPieee after coming back from holiday and it sounded very good. This was Version 148. And after re-booting, I did’t sound as good as before, so I wanted to Etcher a second SD Card with 148 (and deactivated auto-update) to make sure, that my hearing is not fooled. It would really great, to have the 148 for download. Thank you.

Ah. But sorry, that won’t work. On installation RoPieee already updates to the latest version. Nothing you can do about that, sorry.

So what are you usingin the audio chain? USB or with a HAT? Which one?

If I install v148 and do no reboot and “disable” update on boot, then I can stay with v148 and compare it with the v160 when exchanging the SD cards.

I have the Allo DigiOne as a HAT assembled from Audiophonics with the Touch Display as a all in one player. This works fine.

So please, could you provide a link to the former v148er version. This would be great. Thank you.

No you can’t. RoPieee updates during install. There’s nothing you can do about that.

Ok. Then it is like it is. Thank you for your answers and your help.