Old iPad Pro as a remote, good option?


I used to have a iPad mini as a remote but it was really to small to have a good Roon experience.
And my daughter broke it…

I’d like to buy a new remote but my budget is tight.

I read good feedbacks with users owning the iPad Pro 12.9, but at the time, it was too expensive for me.

We can now find quite cheap second hand iPad Pro generation 1 or 2, but I’m note sure if it’s a good investment as they are quite old now.
Do you think it’s a good option or not ?
I want to use it only as a Roon Remote.


I’d been using a Gen 2 iPad Pro until just recently until the battery died and I replaced it with a Gen 5. I never had one single problem using it as a remote. Go for it!

Edit: the only problem I foresee is that Apple may withdraw support, meaning that you might not be able to update the iOS. If roon needs the latest iOS to work with their updates, you might have problems.

You just have to make sure that the ipad you buy supports iOS11.0 or higher right now or you cannot install Roon Remote on it.

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I’m using an original iPad Air and it works great as a Roon Remote. Even an “old pro” will be a fair bit younger than my iPad Air. :smiley:

All of the Pro models are running the latest software and still working decently fast. I did exactly as the OP suggested and purchased a second hand 9.7 inch pro number MLPY2B/A a couple of years ago and am pleased not to have splashed out twice as much for the device new back then.

I’ve been using my iPad as a remote for years. Currently using iPad Pro 2020. I expect the pro models will be supported for a good while yet. Excellent experience as Roon remote. Far better than the mini or an iPhone. I used a mini for a while too. My old eyes didn’t care for it.

there is a issue on the ipad pro 12.9 for alot of users and confirmed by roon,lots of lag and stutters when scrolling,images load fast though

All I can offer on iPad usage is that an iPad mini4 has been a flawless experience for Roon.
Anything bigger feels cumbersome in my hands tbh.
I have three older iPads that work perfectly but made “obsolete” by the big A…:frowning:

I use a 11" iPP and love how it works and displays. I got an Apple Key board for it so I can keep my grubby finger prints off the screen with the Apple Pencil. I get no lag or stutters at all.

I haven’t used one as a remote, but plenty of people have commented that the Fire HD 10 is a good option for Roon. It would certainly be a good choice for a tight budget.

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Yes just do it