Older Jazz - use of Parametric EQ to make freq extremes audible

Does anyone do this?

I find that I get much more pleasure when I boost bass and treble a lot.

Examples that I’ve just listened to - Sonny Clark/Cool Struttin’ & Thelonius Monk/Genius of Modern Music.

In terms of how I think about it - I imagine I’m in a club listening to them and how would the double bass & percussion sound.

Without EQ they’re almost not there & definitely not how Jazz sounds live when I’ve occasionally experienced it.

With it, I find I can just sit back and listen.

Really interested in others experiences - if you’ve tried it & if not then maybe do & see how you feel about it?

Try the ‘imagine I’m in a club’ mindset and not ‘this sounds really different to what I’m used to & so must wrong’.

I sometimes EQ older recordings, though I do it outside Roon. Jazz is better when you can hear the bass, that’s for sure.

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