Olive ONE Network Player Support?

Is there a way to stream to my Olive ONE Network Player?

From what I have just read on the Olive ONE support site, no.

Though it should be possible for Roon to see the audio files on the ONE via a SMB share.

It looks like the ONE is more a network server than a player … However you could ask them if they would consider adding support for Roon’s RAAT protocol.

If they did this the the device would become RoonReady, but most of the inbuilt functionality would then be redundant as Roon would take care if it.

indeed the music on the Olive One HD is visible in Roon.
But the Olive also supports multiroom streaming between devices; that is why i would think it should be visible somehow in the network by Roon as well…

While indeed some of the functionalities would become redundant there are still some benefits:

  • network player with good DAC
  • built in AMP with subwoofer support
  • local volume control (preferable with 2way communication with Roon on volume level)
  • Display of music playing (preferable with album art)

All sounds great, but for Roon to see those devices on the network they need to support RAAT. I’m sure Roon will happily colaberate with them …

As a ONE user, why not contact them and request that they support RAAT. It would probably help to rally other ONE users to to same.

hallo, wenn roon nucleus ihren olive one erkennt müsste roon auch den olive 4hd erkennen können.
können sie mir sagen welchen netzwerkpfad man nutzen könnte ?

hello, if roon nucleus recognizes your olive one, roon should also be able to recognize the olive 4hd.
can you tell me which network path you could use?