OMG! Hegel H120 & 190 Finally Roon Ready

Got a note from Darko re Hegel H120 & H190 finally Roon Ready. Successfully updated firmware last night, & low & behold Hegel showed up as roon ready device in my streamer. This has been a sore subject for a couple of years now. So much so that many had been turned off by Hegel’s delays & excuses. No word yet on H390 & 590…Many including me bought Hegel on the promise of Roon readiness. Many others, (including me) figured it was never going to happen, and bought additional Roon Ready gear to supplement the Hegel failures. So, good news for those of us who have been waiting & waiting &…

Not another Hegel thread :stuck_out_tongue:


at least this time it’s good news, not the same old same old excuses!

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You bought a Hegel for no other reason than the promise of Roon Readyness?

It would’ve been easier to buy a streaming amplifier that already had that feature built in.

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Not exactly…I chose the Hegel after after auditioning several amps based on sound quality and feature set for my desktop system. Roon readiness was one of the “must have” features. The Hegel checked all the other boxes, and was available locally. Since I had a couple of roon ready streamers on hand, and roon readiness was happening “any day now” and was “right around the corner”, I pulled the trigger. So just like everyone else who has been waiting for roon readiness, this latest development is great news. As a side note, I have a Bricasti M5, Project stream box ultra (sold), and Matrix Mini that have filled in during this all too long waiting period. They can now go back to my other systems for which they were originally intended…

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