On Screen 4K/1080P Display will be a game changer

On Screen 4K/1080P Display will be a game changer. I am currently using the PLEX Media Server for movies and added Music just for fun. Music is terrible via PMS and it transcodes FLAC and DSD of course does not work. If Roon comes out with an on screen display via a computer or some other audio end client then its over.

I might be missing something here, why can’t you just connect the computer running Roon (or RoonRemote) up to the PJ and use a say an “air” mouse remote to control it?

I do that into my 55 inch 4k curved samsung, Logitech air mouse. Fantastic. Maybe the OP is referring to adding video to Roon, a la Plex and Jriver

Thank you for the response. I loaded RoonRemote on my Nexus 7. I do have a PLEX MEDIA PLAYER PC connected to my television. I can load the Roon software as a client on it, It sounds like from your response an air mouse is required to control the on screen display.