On Second Thought

I have the same situation with two separate systems, one theater and one stereo. My only regret with home theater is that unless you are a rabid videophile, all those channels feel unnecessary over time. Upon reflection, a 5.1 system is (would have been) fine. Stereo equipment (dependent upon manufacturer) retains some value. Video equipment is truly disposable. I do not “regret” it as much as I do not plan to repeat it.

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I’m almost the opposite, really.
Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely adore my stereo system in the lounge. It’s a Linn/Esoteric/Chord system, which sounds absolutely sublime.
But upstairs in my bedroom I have a relatively modest Sony/Monitor Audio 5.1 system. Apart from playing films & movies in glorious 5.1, the system also gives me access to SACD & DVDA M/C discs, which IMO can sound as compelling as the 2CH system downstairs.
I think both M/C 5.1 & 2CH systems have their place :smiley:

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You touch upon what I feel to be very critical…the lay-out of our homes. Our home theater is a completely dark (no windows) 28 x 14 room. It is for us only suitable for video. I would prefer a more basic A/V receiver.

One floor up is the family room, 32 x 15 x 18 (ceiling). It is brightly lit and would be less enjoyable for video. There is a TV there but rarely used. It is solely for music. We would prefer either different speakers and/or a great deal of room treatment.

The rest of the home has last gen. SONOS. While the latter is not hi-fi, it does play 24/7 at low level to fill the house with jazz. (We also have SONOS at the office upon which people comment since many offices are music free. )

So I see our particular needs as a home theater, a stereo system and background music everywhere else.

Sorry brother, but you’re never going to find speakers you like in that room until you do something about the hard tile floor, IMHO.

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Thank you. I long ago accepted that reality, but it is not only the floor, but the extremely high ceilings and endless reflective surfaces. If it were up to my wife, we would be adding absorption, defraction etc. but the pandemic has changed the way I see this and other interest areas.