On The Fence About Doing 1.8 Upgrade. Please Advise


I have two key features in Roon 1.7. Tags and favorites (hearts).

I use tags in fairly simple ways. Basically, the Tags section is how I interact with Roon.

  1. Put songs in playlists and tag the entire playlist.

  2. Utilize tags as essentially folders for various albums. For instance, create a tag for “DSD Jazz”. Then tag all DSD Jazz albums with that tag. Then I go to the tag section and browse the various tags. Then select a tag I feel like listening to, like “DSD Jazz”, and scroll through the various albums.

Can I still do all of this in Roon 1.8?

My other key Roon feature is to “heart” favorite songs in an album and then click on “play favorites”. Does that still work in Roon 1.8.

Without being able to do those basic things with tags and favorites, I’ll remain in 1.7.


Very wise to not switch yet. Few have been able to be that patient…

May I ask what remotes you use to interact with Roon?

E.g. you can‘t see favourites / hearts on tracks on an iPhone, but you see them on an iPad. Still you can filter an album to show only favourites on all remotes.

You can also still tag albums and browse by these. But getting rid of a tag for an album is now a complicated thing. Also making multiple tags is a very repetitive workflow now.

Overall I think you are good to wait some more weeks until - hopefully - these basic functions are back. The switch now will change your usage patterns and some could still feel frustrating. But no one knows if and when any function will be released.

In general - for me - 1.8 is a very good step forward, the responsiveness e.g. on my remotes is far better and the music discovery feels enhanced.

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I use an ipad for the remote. I’ll take your good advice and lay low for a bit.

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